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Smile, you’re on candid camera!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

You remember back in the day?  I mean waaay back in the day (well not THAT far back).  When you wanted an added measure of safety for your home, you got motion triggered automatic lights.  They were all the rage!  Everyone thought as soon as a burglar steps foot on your porch…BOOM!  The lights come on, indicating someone is home, watching their every move, and away the thieves scatter.  Well those motioned sensored lights worked for quite a bit of time, but ultimately, after a while, burglars became aware and they weren’t the deterrents they were once thought to be.

Fast forward to today.  Burglars have gotten so savvy.  But don’t be alarmed (get it…), technology and security systems are just as, if not more savvy.   Cameras.  What?  Yes, CAMERAS.  How many times have you been to a mall or a restaurant and it seems like someone is filming you with their phone and it makes you super uneasy?  In reality, they’re filming their kids elementary school graduation party.  Whew!  When you find out you’re not being filmed on camera, you feel so much better.  Why?  Not that you were doing anything wrong, but just the idea that someone is watching you and recording your every move, makes you want to be on your best behavior and not be on camera at all.

Let’s get back to your homes.  Adding security cameras does the same and then some.  As soon as the burglars see the cameras, they freeze in their tracks and often times will leave the property.  What’s nice about the camera’s A + offers is not only can you monitor the cameras from a wireless device, but you can communicate to whomever shouldn’t be in the home (here’s that then some).  What a protection!  A + Security Systems has you completely covered so you can worry about things of much more importance, like how you tell your husband you are planning to commandeer another one of his dresser drawers…

Whether you are looking for alarm systems installation or security camera installation, we can serve you. Learn more about our security packages and services:

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Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll
Jun 17, 2023

Many people are concerned about the cost of implementing CCTV camera systems. However, with so many excellent deals on the market, it has never been more affordable to install these surveillance devices. Always choose Mobile Locksmith experts for the installation of CCTV cameras and alarm systems at affordable cost

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